The Best of Scottish Comedy

The Stand
March 2012

When you think of Scotland’s top comedians, names like Billy Connelly will no doubt spring to mind. More recently, you may think of Kevin Bridges who has shot to success in the past year, maybe even Daniel Sloss who is currently recording his debut comedy.

Unfortunately, to title this show ‘The Best of Scottish Comedy’ was a mistake. Compared to those we know and have grown to love, the line-up was a poor showcase in relation to the reputation Scottish comedians are gaining thanks to the above names.

The audience seemed just as disappointed and if it wasn’t for host Bruce Devlin, who is most known for previously working as TV show The Hour’s roving reporter, keeping the audience ‘entertained’ playing the compere part perfectly the audience may have been uninterested.

Unfortunately, Sandy Nelson (best recognised as ‘Chris The Postie’ in Still Game) didn’t live up to his usual form, but with successful Fringe shows behind him and positive feedback from a variety of shows, he isn’t one to completely dismiss.

Scottish Comedian of the year 2009 John Gavin stayed on the one subject for too long and unfortunately managed to easily loose the audiences attention.

Crowd favourite on the night came in the form of Jim Park, who in 2009 reached the final of the Hackney Empire New Act Of The Year. With good solid jokes and improvisational comedy which was surprisingly easy to relate to with his observations, he was certainly the highlight on the night.

You can watch Jim Park in the final of Hackey Empire new Act Of The Year in 2009 below:


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