Genevieve Cytko

Genevieve came to Edinburgh to join the comedy scene, boost her stage presence and to help develop her comedy voice; something which she has certainly achieved.

Genevieve performs regular slots at City Cafe‘s Monday night comedy show, as well as appearances at The Shack and has booked forthcoming dates at The Stand in Edinburgh.

Genevieve was also a finalist in Costa Light Comedy Challenge 2011 and will perform at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

We caught up with Genevieve to find out more!

How do you go about the writing process for your sets?

The writing process starts with my note-book. I usually carry my note-book around with me at all times and collect any ideas or observations. Sometimes going out triggers memories or an idea that I will then develop into a joke. I will write out a story and narrow it down to something worth sharing.

Where do you gain most of your inspiration from?

Most of my inspiration comes from watching people do normal things and then taking the mick out of it. I also find being a Canadian living in Scotland seems to lend its self to some awkward situations that I can talk about.

Are there any particular Edinburgh comedy venues you like?

Everyone loves The Stand, but my favourite place to be on a Monday is The City Cafe on Blair Street. Every Monday there is a comedy show at 8pm with some of the best up and coming comedians, what would be even better is if we could get a bigger audience – every little helps!
The other place I absolutely love going to is The Shack on Rose Street. The Gong Show on Thursday night is a must see, if you live in Edinburgh there is no excuse to miss this venue. It is so unpredictable, and full of laughs.

If someone was coming to see you perform for the first time, what could they expect?

If someone was coming to see me for the first time, I would say my style is more made up of short stories, than constant one liners. I try to keep it clean because I believe in humour for everyone, instead of trying to shock or offend anyone.

How would you describe Edinburgh’s comedy scene out with the Edinburgh Fringe?

The Edinburgh comedy scene out of the Fringe is alive and kicking. There are comedy events every day of the week. Edinburgh is really spoiled for choice even though there are so many choices, the challenge is trying to maintain a steady audience. Some weeks a club can be packed and the next week there are only two people in the audience. I encourage anyone who has not been to a live comedy show to go. You never know who you will discover!

Are there any comedians you can recommend we check out?

As for Comedians to check out…that is a hard one because there is so much talent out there. On the local Scottish scene I suggest Alan Sharp, Jamie Dalgleish, John Purves, Gus Lymburn, Ben Verth, Chris Conroy, and Jojo Sutherland. As for famous comedians that I enjoy, Jeremy Hotz, Tim Nutt, Danny Bhoy, Billy Connolly, Jon Richardson, Jimeoin and Kevin Bridges.

What has been your best Edinburgh Fringe discovery?

My best Edinburgh Fringe discovery was finding out that our show Life, The Universe, Whatever… was accepted for a full run at Jekyll and Hyde for this summer. I have teamed up with two brilliant comedians Ray Fordyce and Gareth Mutch. This will be an adventure and a major learning curve for all of us.

Last year was my first Fringe experience, and there are no words to describe how wonderful the chaos is, with multiple festivals running all at the same time. Things you might find crazy or annoying any other time of year, suddenly become acceptable. For example, a man dressed in a Celtic costume chasing down the ladies with a sword now becomes a street act, where all the rest of the year he is just known as Crazy Ron!

How would you describe a typical Edinburgh comedy audience?

There is no such thing as a typical Edinburgh audience. If there is an audience they are usually tourists on vacation. Sometimes they don’t even speak English, which makes telling jokes a bit tricky. There are hardly any Scottish people in the audience. Let’s face it the majority of Scottish people are entertaining, and would rather perform than be talked at.

What advice would you give for people performing to an Edinburgh audience for the first time

My advice for people performing to an Edinburgh audience for the first time, is to just go out and do it. The stage is the only place where you will learn about your audience, and yourself.

You can view a full list of Genevieve’s live dates by clicking here now.

You can find out more about Genevieve by visiting the below links:

Genevieve will appear in Life, The Universe, Whatever… at Jekyll and Hyde during this year’s (2012) Edinburgh Fringe.


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