Davey Connor

27-year-old Davey Connor hails from Glasgow and is fastly becoming known as a rising star in Scotland’s comedy and sketch scene.

Supporting Daniel Sloss and Russell Kane on tour in Scotland, Davey has also performed throughout the Fringe in previous years and supported Jenny Eclair on her UK tour.

This year, Davey Connor will be making a return to the Fringe circuit at the Gilded Balloon.

Can you tell us more about your Edinburgh Fringe 2012 show?

I’m doing a split hour show with two other very funny comedians, Ed Patrick and Lucy Beaumont.

What can audiences expect to see?

Lots of jokes and funny stories. We all have quite different styles so it should make everyone laugh. Everyone? Yes everyone!

Have you decided on a venue yet?

We are at The Gilded Balloon at 10.45 in The Wee Room which will be lovely!

You’ve played a variety of Scotland’s comedy clubs, how would you describe the Edinburgh audiences in particular?

I’ve always had fun gigs in Edinburgh. The main difference is that there tends to be more tourists and it’s a more international audience. You are unlikely to have any Austrailians or Americans in a little pub in Inverness but in Edinburgh there is usually always a few in the audience! It’s good preparation for the fringe.

Do you find a difference between the crowds out with and during the EdFringe?

Shows are usually busier outwith the fringe because the audience don’t have many gigs to choose from.

Are there any other Scottish comedians you can recommend we check out?

Mark Nelson, Gary Little and my two very good mates Matt Winning and Richard Gadd.

Which comedy venue in Edinburgh is your favourite?

I love The Stand, it’s just a great room to play in and watch gigs. They always have cracking line ups for the festival.

Who has been the best stand-up you’ve discovered at the Edinburgh Fringe?

I wouldn’t really say discovered, but my first full run at the fringe two years ago was in a show with Josh Widdiecombe and Naz Osmanologu. I had never seen them before but thought they were really funny and their debut hour shows last year were superb. Oh yeah and Sam Simmons, I had only heard of him but managed to catch his show last year and it was beyond funny, remember lots of tacos and bread…

You’ve supported Daniel Sloss and Russell Kane in Scotland, how did you find these gigs?

It’s a total pleasure to be honest. The gigs have all been sold out, so getting experience to play to such big audiences is amazing. I’ve known Danny for ages, it’s great that he is doing so well.

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s Fringe?

Getting back in the zone of gigging every night, going to bed really late and eating lots of baked potatoes!

You can watch a clip of Davey performing at The Stand below:

You can find out more about Davey Connor at the following links:


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